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General Info About Z CAR Ms Music

Do you like 80th music such as Duran Duran, The Stranglers, The Smith, The Clash, The Cure….and more bands like those, then you must like Z CAR M as well…..

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Z CAR M exists since 1980 – It was a 3 head punk new wave band formed in Kaiserslautern / Germany – Unfortunately nothing was recorded on video these times but they have done some basic studio recordings. The band eventually split in 1983 as of different life styles. Until today there are still original audio tapes available from rehearsals and live concerts.

Behind Z CAR M stands “Berny” (Soloartist). After the band split Berny joined several different bands, who played live gigs, but all split up as well later on.

In December 2004 a Z CAR M Song “Charisma Of Love” was published via Matchbox Recordings UK, via CDBaby and Tower Records on a Compilation CD called ”Playtime”.

Below you will see the an overview of Z CAR Ms last 4 albums – The 10th album will be finished soon !

Album 9

Z CAR M 9th Album – Anh Fatoo And The Black Umbrella Man – 15 songs included –

Album 8

Z CAR Ms 8th Album – Tower Of Thor – 15 Songs included

Album 7

Z CAR Ms 7th Album – Superstitious – 15 Songs included

Album 6

Z CAR Ms 6th Album – Arsenix – 15 Songs included

Currently there are almost 400 of Z CAR Ms own original songs available.

Z CAR Ms music style is a kind of 80th Retro Pop, Brit. Pop, Indie (Pop/Rock), IDM. Z CAR M wrote also many Easy Listening, Love Songs and Ballads. Besides, plenty of instrumentals, Electro and Industrial tracks are available. Many would fit well to movies/films.

Currently there are 9 Z CAR M albums available – Please SEE HERE

SPOTIFY – Z CAR M on Spotify check all releases HERE

Since 01.02.2011 Z CAR M is a registered business name under Business Name Act, 1963 Ireland – Registration Number: 431420

On Feb. 05, 2017 the record label “Z CAR M Records” was founded.